Heel Spur Inserts
Heel Spur Inserts
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Heel Spur Inserts



Applied Remedy’s Heel Spur Inserts allow your feet staying active without suffering from constant hhel pain, caused from injuries, infections or other conditions. By cushioning every step and evenly distributing your weight the Heel Spur Inserts will help your heels return to normal.

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How does the Heel Spur Inserts work?

Applied Remedy’s heel pads support the heel and create cushioning while in contact with the heels, by evenly distributing the body’s weight load around the pad while stepping over the inserts. Standing, walking and performing any daily activity with Applied Remedy’s heel Inserts will allow you to continue your daily routine without thinking about heel pain and calculating your steps throughout the day. The heel pads are made of advanced, medical grade silicone gel, which is suitable for continuous wear throughout the day and for a significant improvement in your heels condition.

Treatment of the Heel Spur Inserts
Heel Spur Inserts in shoes

Benefits of the Heel Spur Inserts

✅ Heel and Ankle Support – The Heel Inserts provide healthy support for your heels and ankles throughout the day.

✅ Heel Pain Relief – The durable silicone gel significantly relieves heel pain caused by swelling, calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis and more.

✅ Equal distribution – The Heel Inserts’ structure allows even body weight distribution to all parts of the heel, relieving pain-causing weight load.

✅ Perfect hygiene – the Heel Inserts are made of antibacterial material, which prevents accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

✅ Durability and comfort – The design and quality of the materials of Heel Inserts are suitable for comfortable wear in most types of shoes and provide maximum comfort that allows for prolonged wearing.

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Medical grade silicone

Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold with mild detergent



Shipping Weight:

3 lbs


What injuries are the Heel Spur Inserts good for?

The Heel Spur Inserts are effective in providing support and accelerating recovery for the following finger injuries: swelling, calcaneal spur, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis and more.

Are the Heel Spur Inserts made for both men and women?

Yes. The Heel Spur Inserts are Suitable for all.

Will the Heel Spur Inserts be right for my size?

Yes. the Heel Spur Inserts come in universal size and fit all sizes.

How do I wear the Heel Spur Inserts?

Simply insert the insloes inside your shoes, tight to the rear side (where you place your heels) and you’re good to go.


Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, Although some people may find it easier to get assistance from another person through the first try.

Can I wear the Heel Spur Inserts all day long?

The Heel Spur Inserts can be worn througout all day long.

What are the Heel Spur Inserts made of?

Medical grade silicone gel.

Are the Heel Spur Inserts washable?

Yes, the Heel Spur Inserts should be hand washed in cold water and mild detergent, followed by air drying.

What should I do in case I have more questions about this item?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the available colors for the Heel Spur Inserts?

The Finger Splint is available in red.


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