Full Back Brace For Women
Full Back Brace For Women
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Full Back Brace For Women



Poor upper and lower back posture can damage your entire back, while this condition might even get worse over time. Poor posture can cause headaches, neck and back pain as well as increased fatigue. Restore a better posture to a healthy state and keep your back stable with Applied Remedy’s Full Back Brace For Women.

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Full Back Brace For Women
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Full Back Brace For Men
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How does the Basic Posture Correction Brace maintain an upright posture?

This Basic Back Brace will support your upper-back & shoulder muscles and strengthen them by training the relevant muscles that you will activate while wearing this brace. Aligning the shoulders and upper back will strengthen your core muscles and relieve muscle aches and headaches resulting from tension. This back brace is made of breathable neoprene and cotton, fits comfortably on the body and is undetectable under clothing. The basic posture correction brace is suitable for both men and women.

How To Wear The Basic Posture Correction Brace
Basic Posture Correction Brace Build

Benefits of the Basic Back Brace

✅ Improving posture – our back brace works by training the back and shoulder muscles, until they return to their natural alignment.

✅ Reduction in back pain – poor posture that does not receive attention and treatment can cause recurrent pain and even nerve damage. Proper and consistent use of the Basic Back Brace, combined with ensuring proper posture, helps treat back pain.

✅ Improving self-confidence – Posture affects our self-perception as well as the way we are perceived by others. An upright and correct posture presents us with a more positive light and leads to significant improvement in self-confidence.

✅ Reduction in headaches – Poor posture is a common cause of recurrent headaches. Our Back Brace helps achieving proper posture and reduced headaches resulting from incorrect posture.

✅ Improved breathing – sloping shoulders and head tilted forward tightens the muscles around the chest – which limits the ability of the rib cage to expand and results in shallower and faster breathing. Healthy posture by erecting the back and shoulders helps improve breathing ability.

✅ Durability and comfort – The design and quality of the materials of our Back Brace provides maximum comfort that allows for prolonged wearing.

Additional information

Choose waist size:

Small (25" to 30"), Medium (30" to 34"), Large (34" to 38"), XL (37" ot 41"), XXL (41" to 47"), XXXL (47 to 52")

Choose Color:

Black, White


Neoprene, Cotton.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold, Air dry



Shipping Weight:

3.5 lbs


How does the Full Back Brace For Women work?

This back brace Aligns sloping shoulders, lower and upper back. The Full Back Brace For Women improves muscle memory and its daily wearing allows for the improvement of muscle memory resulting in improved posture while sitting, walking and standing. Aligning sloping shoulders, upper and lower back reduces the weight load exerted on the back caused as a result of poor posture.

Is this back brace made for both men and women?

While this Full Back Brace is made especially for Women, we have a matching Full Back Brace For Men as well.

How should I choose the right size for me?

You will need to measure your circumference with a measuring tape at the height of your belly button (including the back), until you reach a full circle around the body.

My Circumference fits 2 sizes, which suze should I choose?

If your circumference fits 2 sizes, choose the larger size between the two.

How do I wear the Full Back Brace?

Full Back Brace For Men Instructions Horizontal

Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, Although some people may find it easier to get assistance from another person through the first try.

Should I wear the Full Back Brace over or under my clothes?

Either way is fine. Mostly it’s a matter of personal preference. Some would like to achieve discretion and wear the brace underneath a shirt and some would like the brace worn over their clothes. There is no operational impact in your decission and you should do what is right for you.

Will the Full Back Brace be visible under my clothes?

The Full Back Brace will not be visible under most of casual your clothes, however please keep in mind that form-fitting garments or light colored garments may not provide sufficient coverage.

Can I wear the Full Back Brace all day long?

The Full Back Brace should not be worn througout all day long and by medical indication you should limit wearing time to up to 3 hours, followed by 2-3 hours of rest. This method will enable your shoulders and back muscle memory to improve and will prevent bad habit of muscle fatigue to occur. should you feel slouchy again after your 1st 3 hour session with the Basic Posture Correction Brace, feel free to wear the brace for another extra 3 hours, after your 2-3 hours of rest.

Can I wear the Full Back Brace while sleeping?

It is not recommended to wear the Full Back Brace while sleeping or resting, for there is no impact on your posture to wear the brace while your body is at a horizontal position.

What is the Full Back Brace made of?

It is made of a cotton and neoprene blend for maximum comfort and stability.

Is the Full Back Brace washable?

Yes, it should be hand washed in cold water, followed by air drying.

Will I recieve detailed wearing and using instructions with the item?

You sure will! Moreover, if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the available colors for the Full Back Brace?

The Full Back Brace is available in black or white.

Size Chart

Size Chart for Full Back Brace

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