Tennis Elbow Brace
Tennis Elbow Brace
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Tennis Elbow Brace


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How does the Elbow Brace work?

Applied Remedy’s Elbow Support Brace uses it’s medical grade neoprene fabric & it’s gel padded cushion to provide maximum support and protection level, while treating elbow injuries. 

By applying compressed pressure on the upper forearm and absorbing forces applied on soft tissues, the elbow brace relieves pain and prevents incorrect movement causing Tennis Elbow, tendonitis or golfer’s elbow derived from actions which require repetitive arm movements.

Benefites of the Tennis Elbow Brace
Features of the Tennis Elbow Brace

Benefits of the Elbow Brace

✅ Elbow pain relief & recovery – By fully controling the pressure applied on your elbow, as well as with the gel cushion controlling and moderating every movement, Applied Remedy’s Elbow Brace relieves the pain and accelerates recovery.

✅ Efficient treatment for various types of injuries icluding: tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, inflammation, and more.

✅ Improved support – Applied Remedy’s Elbow Brace provides you improved Elbow joint support, while reducing weight load caused by repetitive movements.

✅ Perfect fit – Applied Remedy’s Elbow Brace is made of high grade Neoprene which allows you long hours of daily comfortable use.

✅ Protecting your Elbow – The Elbow Brace’s design allows you to continue your daily routine while passively protecting your elbow from various injuries, while the gel cushion protects your elbow’s movement from any excessive stretching and further damage.  

✅ Durability and comfort – The design and quality of the materials of our Elbow Brace provides maximum comfort & durability while using it.

Additional information


Neoprene, Nylon.


Black & blue

Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water, air dry only.



Shipping Weight:

4 Ounces


How does the Elbow Brace work?

The Elbow Support Brace simultaneously provides protection by keeping the elbow movement in a stable position as well as evenly distributing weight levels applied on the elbow.

What types of injuries is this Elbow Brace good for? 

The Elbow Brace is efficient for treatment and stabilizing the elbow in various types of injuries icluding: tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, inflammation and more.

Is the Elbow Brace good for both my left and right elobws?

Yes. The Elbow Brace Is Suitable for both sides. Plus, you get 2 units of the elbow brace so you can protect both of your elbows immediately.

Is the Elbow Brace made for both men and women?

Yes. The Elbow Brace Is Suitable for all.

Does the Elbow Brace come in sizes?

The Elbow Brace comes in one size which fits most sizes. To make sure, we recommend you to measure the circumference of your forearm. The Elbow Brace is suitable for circumference of 7″-14.5″ (17.5-37 cm).

How do I wear the Elbow Brace?

Simply follow these instructions:

Locate the muscke on the outside of your forearm. Bend your wrist to easily locate the muscle.

Position the brace around your forearm. With the gel pad positioned over the largest part of the muscle (about 3 fingers apart from your elbow bend). In case you suffer from Golfer’s Elbow, wear the brace with the gel pad positioned over the muscle on the INSIDE of your forearm instead.

Tighten the velcro straps. The band should be thight to a phase where you can slide one finger between the strap and your arm:

How to wear the Tennis Elbow Brace

Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, the Elbow Ankle Brace enables you to wear it by yourself.

Can I wear the Elbow Brace all day long?

Absolutely. We do recommend to give your elbow a few moments of rest throughout the day.

Will the Tennis Elbow Brace slip while I’m playing sports?

No. This elbow brace is designed to withstand movements and shakes while playing sports with it. Have fun!

What is the Elbow Brace made of?

It is made of a medical grade Neoprene (80%) and advanced Nylon (20%) for maximum comfort and stability.

Is the Elbow Brace washable?

Yes, it should be hand washed in cold water, followed by air drying.

What should I do in case I have more questions about the item?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the available colors for the Elastic Ankle Brace?

The Ankle Brace is available in black and a blue interior cushion (see pictures).

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