Professional Gel Insoles
Professional Gel Insoles
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Professional Gel Insoles



Applied Remedy’s Professional Gel Insoles allow your feet full support and comfort while treating pain caused from injuries or fatigue. The insoles’ unique medical grade gel structure will perfectly support every step you’ll take and will evenly distribute your body’s weight, while keeping your feet healthy and steady throughout your day.

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How does the Professional Gel Insoles work?

Applied Remedy’s Gel Insoles create a supporting cushioning for every part of your foot, while constantly shock-absorbing every movement, thanks to the insole’s honeycomb design. The medical grade gel layers reduce painful pressure points, making the insoles comfortable to wear for long hours of walking, running, sitting or standing. Foot fatigue, plantar faciitis, arch pain, heel spur or heel pain- Applied remedy’s Professional Gel Insoles act as your feet’s helpful assistant in reducing pain caused from these conditions.

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Professional Gel Insoles Rolled

Benefits of the Orthotic Insoles

✅ Optimal Foot Support – The Gel Insoles provide acurate support for your feet, including your foot’s arch, heel and ball of foot.

✅ Pain Relief – The Insoles’ Medical grade  gel, along with the Insoles’ structure are designed to significantly relief feet pain caused by swelling, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, fatigue and reduce pressure from these parts.

✅ Trim To Fit – The Gel Insoles can be easily trimmed to fit any foot size – simply choose your proper size and cut it to your own shoe size.

✅ Lightweight – the Gel Insoles are made of lighweight materials for perfect comfort, while the mesh layer removes moisture and keeps your feet dry and cool.

✅ Maximum Durability – The design and quality of the materials of Gel Insoles are suitable for wearing in most types of shoes and provide maximum durability and comfort that allows for prolonged wearing.

Additional information

Shoe Size:

Men 6-8/ Women 5-6.5 US (36-41 EU), Men 6-9/ Women 7-9.5 US (42-44 EU), Men 8-12/ Women 10-12 US (45-47 EU)


Medical Silicone gel with a top mesh layer

Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold with mild soap. Absorb water with dry cloth and air dry.


AR033S, AR033M, AR033L

Shipping Weight:

0.4 lbs


What injuries are the Gel Insoles good for?

The Gel Insoles are effective in providing support and accelerating recovery for the following foot comditions: swelling, calcaneal spur, fatigue, tendonitis, bursitis and more.

Are the Gel Insoles made for both men and women?

Yes. The Gel Insoles are Suitable for all.

Will the Gel Insoles be right for my size?

Yes. The Gel Insoles come in 3 sizes for your choice: Men 6-8/ Women 5-6.5 US (36-41 EU) | Men 6-9/ Women 7-9.5 US (42-44 EU) | Men 8-12/ Women 10-12 US (45-47 EU) and can be easily trimmed to fit any foot size – simply choose your proper size and cut it to your own shoe size.

How do I wear the Gel Insoles?

Simply Use the following instructions:

Cutting Instructions

Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, Although some people may find it easier to get assistance from another person through the first try.

Can I wear the Gel Insoles all day long?

The Gel Insoles can be worn througout all day long.

What are the Gel Insoles made of?

Medical grade silicone layers and an upper breathable mesh layer.

Are the Gel Insoles washable?

Yes, the Gel Insoles should be washed with damp cloth, followed by air drying.

What should I do in case I have more questions about this item?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Size Chart

Professional Gel Insoles size chart


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