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Knee Brace Support
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Knee Brace Support

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How does the Knee Brace work?

Applied Remedy’s Knee Brace Support is built to stabilize and secure your knee’s natural movement while relieving overload due to it’s unique 4 built-in stabilizing springs which performs weight reduction and optimizes load distribution in order to achieve better performance and durability. Once you wear the Knee Supporting Brace, It immediately adjusts to your unique knee’s shape thanks to its high grade, breathable Neoprene fabric. To top it off, we covered the Neoprene layer with sweat absorbent outer layer to allow cool & comfortable feeling while working out or for long wearing. The stretchable straps allow you to fully control the pressure applied on your knees, making it optimal for recovery, while the silicone-made protector shields your patella and kneecaps. Applied Remedy’s Knee Support Brace makes the perfect sport gift for every amateur or pro athlete and fits most sizes.

Activites with the Knee Brace Support
Knee Brace Measurement

Benefits of the Inflatable Neck Brace

✅ Knee pain relief & recovery – By fully controling the pressure applied on your knee joint as well as with 4 side springs controlling and moderating every movement, Applied Remedy’s knee brace relieves the pain and accelerates recovery.

✅ Improved support – Applied Remedy’s Knee Brace provides you improved knee joint support, while reducing weight load from your patella.

✅ Perfect fit – Applied Remedy’s Knee Brace is made of high grade Neoprene fabric topped with breathable, sweat absorbent top layer which allows you long hours of daily comfortable use.

✅ Protecting your knee – The Knee Brace’s Silicone kneecap protector, which also shields your patella, allows you to continue your daily routine while passively protecting your knee from frontal injury, while the 4 built-in side springs protect your knee’s movement from any excessive stretching or knee overlocking.  

✅ Durability and comfort – The design and quality of the materials of our Neck Brace provides maximum comfort & durability while using and wearing it.

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Latex, Velvet.


Dark Blue

Care Instructions:

Item can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Air dry completely before use.
Do not machine wash.



Shipping Weight:

7 Ounces


How does the Inflatable Neck Brace work?

While partially inflated, the Cervical Neck Support functions as a neck stabilizer, perfect for resting and keeping your neck in an upright position. Fully inflated, the Neck Brace will support your head’s weight and reduce stress from your neck joints (vertebrae).

Is this neck brace made for both men and women?

Yes. The Inflatable Neck Brace Is Suitable for all.

Does the Inflatable Neck Brace come in sizes?

The Inflatable Neck Brace comes in one size which fits most sizes.

How do I wear the Inflatable Neck Brace?

Simply follow these instructions:

How to use the Inflatable Neck Brace

Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, the Inflatable Neck Brace enables you to wear it by yourself.

Can I wear the Inflatable Neck Brace all day long?

The Inflatable Neck Brace should not be worn througout all day long and by medical indication you should limit wearing time to up to 20 minutes, up to 3 times a day (in a fully inflatable mode). While partially inflated, you can wear the Inflatable Neck Brace for up to 3-4 hours, followed by 2-3 hours of rest before wearing it again.

Can I wear the Inflatable Neck Brace while sleeping?

It is not recommended to wear the Inflatable Neck Brace while sleeping or resting, for it might cause damage to your vertebrae.

What is the Basic Posture Correction Brace made of?

It is made of durable layer of latex and coated in velvet for maximum comfort.

Is the Inflatable Neck Brace washable?

The Inflatable Neck Brace is not machine wash safe and should be cleaned with a damp cloth, followed by air drying.

What should I do in case I have more questions about the item?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the available colors for the Basic Posture Correction Brace?

The Inflatable Neck Brace is available in dark blue.


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