Anti Snoring Kit
Anti Snoring Kit
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Anti Snoring Kit



*VALUE PACK: 2 Anti-snoring head straps + 4 Anti-snoring magnets*

Applied Remedy’s Professional Anti Snoring Kit creates the perfect solution to fight snoring and releasing your nostrils to breath perfectly and enjoy a continous sleep. Combining the anti-snoring head strap with the anti-snoring magnet you can literally rest assured you will have a steady good night sleep.

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How does the Anti Snoring Kit work?

Applied Remedy’s Anti Snoring Kit combines 2 helpful units to completely clear your breathing for a normal night sleep. The adjustable head strap ensures your mouth stays closed while sleeping, removing any possible option for apnea caused by an open mouth. The anti-snoring nose magnetic clip gently presses the nostrils, creating a better airway for the nose in order to allow a steady and consistant air flow while sleeping. The nose magnet clip as well as the head strap are completely washable and comfortable to wear throughout your sleep and are suitable for women and men alike.

Benefits of the Anti Snoring Magnets
Benefits of the Anti Snoring Strap

Benefits of the Anti Snoring Kit

✅ Improved Breathing – The combination of both the anti-snoring head strap and the anti-snoring nose magnet clip ensures a smoother breathing throughout your sleep.

✅ Perfect Comfort – fully adjustable head strap to completely match your head’s size and structure, along with a lightweight and flexible nose clip.

✅ Peaceful Night Sleep  – Using the Anti Snoring Kit at night can allows you sleep comfortably, without having to worry about disturbing your partner or suffering from apnea, hypopnea and sleep disorder.

✅ Hygienic and Washable – the Anti Snoring Kit is made entirely of washable units (both the head strap and the nose clip) for perfect hygene.

Value Pack – The Anti Snoring Kit Contains 2 Head Straps + 4 Nose Clips for a complete anti-snoring solution. 

Additional information


Black head strap, clear nostril magnet clip.


Neoprene head strap, medical grade silicone clips

Care Instructions:

Head strap: Hand wash cold with mild detergent, followed by air dry.
Nose clip: Wash with warm water and neutral soap, dry with a cloth.



Shipping Weight:

0.25 lbs


How does the Anti Snoring Kit works?

The Anti Snoring Kit acts to route air flow to the nose with the help of the anti-snoring head strap, combining the magnetic nose clip which gently widens the nostrils, creating a clearer path for air to flow in and out and create regular breathing to eliminate apnea and breathing disorder which causes snoring.

Is the Anti Snoring Kit made for both men and women?

Yes. The Anti Snoring Kit is suitable for all.

Will the Anti Snoring Kit be right for my head and nose?

Yes, The head strap is completely modular and opens up to fit any head size and shape, while the nose clip is made of a flexible silicone to fit perfectly in every nostril.

How do I wear the Anti Snoring Kit?

Simply follow these instructions to completion:

Can I wear it by myself?

Sure, Although some people may find it easier to get assistance from another person through the first try.

Can I wear the Anti Snoring Kit all day long?

Some people may find the magnetic clip useful throughout all day, it is perfectly fine to wear it all day long.

What should I do in case I have more questions about this item?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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